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Metalheads, I need some advice

I have some money and want to buy an album, but I can only buy two at most.  One of these two is going to be Blind Guardian’s Nightfall in Middle-Earth.  As for the other… Well, I’ve narrowed it down to ten possibilities.  I’m having a hard time choosing from there, so recommendations would be appreciated.  Here are the options:

  • Amon Amarth- With Oden on Our Side
  • Children of Bodom- Hatebreeder
  • Dimmu Borgir- Stormblast
  • Five Finger Death Punch- War is the Answer
  • HammerFall- Legacy of Kings
  • Immortal- Pure Holocaust
  • Machine Head- The Blackening
  • Mastodon- Blood Mountain
  • Morbid Angel- Covenant
  • Nightwish- Once

As a quick side note, I realize that many metalheads despise FFDP with every fiber of their being.  If you are one of those, please don’t send any hate.  Better yet, ignore the fact that they’re even on this list and pick from the others.

In addition, if you think any of these bands have better albums that I should look into instead, suggestions for those would be appreciated as well.

So, what do you guys think?  Which album should I get?

  1. brandon-adams-music answered: Blood mountin or Hatebreeder. That amon Amarth album is one of their worse albums and the rest is garbage in my opinion
  2. pelle-ohlin answered: Hatebreeder!
  3. sessrumir answered: children of bodom
  4. punk-n-metal answered: Amon Amarth or Hammerfall two very good albums
  5. trashindustries answered: Legacy of Kings.
  6. thecandlegoat answered: Hatebreeder and Pure Holocaust
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  8. dehumanizer666 answered: Amon Amarth, but you can’t really go wrong whatever you end up choosing
  9. apurplewitch answered: morbid angel
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