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penny peterson and sherman peabody
I find this scene incredibly distressing. It’s not uncommon for a protagonist of a children’s movie to be a victim of bullying. However, this scene is freakishly realistic. Usually insults like “nerd” and “loser” would be thrown around but in this case, Penny has chosen what she be considers to be a flaw of Sherman’s and  shames him. She even embarrasses him and isolates him from his peers who watch on in enjoyment. From the scripting to the facial expressions; Dreamworks has certainly hit a bit too close to home.






there is not one search term here that isn’t magical

i know ive reblogged this before at least twice but i decided to read through the entire thing this time and im in pain from how hard i am laughing please forgive me

'Im hella erect'

"liam neeson shaped bottle" why is no one discussing that

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The thought of Hiccup being carried by Eret (and kicking and screaming/flailing) is a hilarious thought, oh my gods. Especially if he’s tries to get Toothless to stop him.

Toothless only tried to stop Eret once

Greatest Creative Writing Class Ever

So in my Creative Writing class, we were tasked to get into groups and cut up newspaper headlines and rearrange them into new headlines.  This is a more or less complete what the class came up with (as provided by an e-mail from the teacher):

  • Christ Hits Rock Bottom
  • Denny’s Ebola Surprises Killers
  • Muslims Have a Love Like No Other
  • Sarah Palin’s Brawl with Bill Cosby
  • U.S. Health Crisis of Gossip
  • 8 Million Brooklyn Psychopaths Died Cuckoo
  • Dropping the Baby
  • TRAGEDY! Beyoncé Straight!
  • Jennifer Lawrence Has 60 Days to Beat Ebola: Help Me!
  • Cozy Kittens Jacked Up Val Kilmer
  • Wedding Quickie: He Pretended it was Pork on Her Wedding Day
  • Jeb Bush EXPLODES!
  • Hollywood Ball Buster
  • Palin Has Christ’s Baby!
  • All-Female Town Looking For Topless Sports Bar
  • Murder by Bunt Cake
  • Serial Arsonist is 11: It’s a Girl!
  • Murder Fun Stuff
  • Itsy-Bitsy Monkey Bear Kills Student
  • Jacked-Up Cowboy Doesn’t Pass the Weed
  • Quadruple Amputee Gets Hard with Spinach!
  • Secret Sledgehammer Activists
  • Haunted All-Female Town
  • Sarah Palin Has Third Breast
  • We Are Not Barf
  • The Queen is HIV-Positive!
  • Rosie is Totes Ready for Cocaine with Belushi and Ebola
  • Wild Amputee Brawl!
  • George Steinbrenner Commits Sudoku!
  • Larger People Decide Bacon Car Disastrous!
  • Secret Sledgehammer Activists Willing to Pressure Liberal Leaders into Diplomatic Flatulence

I swear to god were the side conversations in this game by a freaking 13 year old they’re so dirty